Shepherd was founded In 2015 on the idea that the world needed a more cost effective condition-based monitoring solution: a scalable, cheap way to monitor any asset or environment so that companies and even home-owners could have the peace-of-mind that the equipment they rely on day in, day out would be intelligently monitored. We knew that Shepherd could speed up the discovery of problems and help specialists to fix them… which means that we could all suffer fewer complications and losses.

After all, why does the world pay to maintain anything if it isn’t to manage the risks of it failing? So we realised that maintenance teams & facilities managers should work together with insurers, as the established experts in risk management. Which brings us to today: Shepherd’s technology underpins the efficient and effective delivery of risk management in the wider, distributed built environment. Our technology tries to prevent bad things from happening and assists with the financial and practical remediation needed when it does. We focus particularly on the vast, unconnected and ageing asset base in non-industrial property. We help to keep staff, pupils, patients and visitors safe and happy in their schools, hospitals, historic buildings, social houses and offices.