COVID-19: We can help you adapt your operations and uphold business continuity

This difficult time brings new challenges in trying to uphold your business continuity plans for your workforce and the way that you can manage your building. Shepherd can support you with our remote monitoring capabilities.

Remote monitoring is more important than ever!

We understand that your operational model is compromised and there is additional risk from the change in how your building is being used; whether that is an empty building or it is being used more than usual. Shepherd’s remote monitoring technology enables you to rise to these challenges by:

  • Effectively monitoring critical functions 24/7 without disruption or a physical presence being required.
  • Providing you and your stakeholders with re-assurance about the property’s management in these unusual times.

Shepherd acts as the eyes and ears of your building

Shepherd’s real-time monitoring and alerts give you an alternative way to continue managing your building, providing complete visibility and peace of mind. Our analytical insight lets you:

  • Feel like you are on site managing your building without being there.
  • Identify potential issues before they happen to pre-empt and prevent damage, reducing risk.
  • Reduce running costs by optimising your energy consumption in line with the change in the building’s usage.


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We are supporting a wide range of companies through these uncertain times. Let's discuss how we can help you in this volatile business climate.

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