How Shepherd works

Acting as the eyes and ears of your building, Shepherd provides insight, empowers your decision making and guards against operational disruption, transforming how you manage your property’s performance; driving down emissions, running costs and system failure risks. Here’s how we do it.


Shepherd’s analytical brain acquires and processes a mass of energy consumption data and system performance data about your property. It streamlines data collection from your Building Management System (BMS), utility bills and in some cases wireless sensors which we connect to the gas and electricity mains.

Depending on the size of your building, this can range from hundreds to thousands of data streams.

Shepherd not only transforms the way you collect your property’s energy consumption data, it also processes and learns from this data; how to optimise and better manage your energy consumption as well as sense risk and irregularity in your building.


Analytical insight to drive sustainability, aid compliance and reduce operating costs. The scope and depth of the insight varies with each of Shepherd’s four solutions. Insights include:

An accurate review of how much energy you are using which facilitates compliance for your property energy consumption contributing to SECR reporting.

Trend analysis, benchmarking an identifying target areas for improvement to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce operating costs.

Real-time monitoring and alerts allowing you to manage risk like never before pre-empting and preventing damage, breakdowns and emergencies.

A complete view of your property’s health aiding property and asset management.

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Shepherd’s four solutions transform how you manage your property's performance, enhance sustainability, aid compliance and reduce costs.

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