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How we price

Per Stream Analytics Fee

A fee payable monthly per stream with volume discounts to reduce this cost as much as possible. Per stream prices vary based on the type of sensor information being delivered (e.g. temperature versus duct pressure) and quantity.

Master Licence Holder Fee

The Master Licence Holder fee is payable by any entity that wishes to offer Shepherd services to their clients and partners. The Master Licence provides the Holder the right to aggregate the volume of streams to achieve bulk pricing from their entire customer base. The Master Licence Fee provides an annual cost for support, software upgrades and platform maintenance.

Insurance Data Fee

Where Shepherd’s data is used as a risk management tool within an insurance offering such as mechanical breakdown cover then a fee is chargeable based on the specific nature of the risk being managed and is priced either as an annual value based on scale or a commission fee.

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Indicative pricing, ex VAT, subject to site specifics

Connected Engineering

Our subsidiary Connected Engineering Services will provide IoT consultancy, hardware supply and service contracts to our customers who need to enrich their assets with sensors or connect existing data sources to Shepherd.

Pricing for hardware supply & servicing can also include on-going servicing and communications fees to provide a fully end-to-end solution.

Sensor costs start from £20 depending on functionality and data connectivity options. Contact us for more information.