Remote Monitoring Has Never Been So Important!

March 25, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are faced with new challenges to adapt their operations and uphold their business continuity plans for their workforce and the way that they manage their buildings.

Not only are operational models compromised by the lockdown restrictions there is additional risk from the change in how buildings are being used; whether that is an empty building or a building that is being used more than usual.

The capability remoting monitoring technology is enabling companies to rise to these challenges.

Feel like you are on site managing your building without being there…

Actionable Insights

Analytical insight utilising behavioural models to understand a building’s normal behaviour to accurately predict abnormalities empowers companies to better manage risk and reduce costs. These data driven insights inform robust understanding of risk causality, detecting, understanding, and preventing high risk events such as fire and leak) enabling action to suppress this risk.

This insight also prompts a shift in maintenance, moving from a reactive approach to a proactive one leading to costs savings from reduced downtime and disruption.

Shepherd are working hard to support a wide range of companies through these uncertain times and navigate this volatile business climate.

Our technology acts as the eyes and ears of your building. Our real-time monitoring and alerts give you an alternative way to continue managing your building, providing complete visibility and peace of mind without anyone needing to be on-site.

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