Reduce risk, prevent incidents & minimise disruption

The smarter way to predict issues, lower costs & manage property insurance

Helping you stack the odds in your favour

Shepherd Risk enables you to better understand your property risk profile and potential hotspots for fire, water & condensation damage. Using the real-time monitoring, analytical technology provides you with a real-time risk score for the property portfolio & every property, system, asset, and component within it.

This gives you the advantage of predicting & preventing issues before they occur. As a result, you can focus on enjoying lower premiums & peace of mind, and spend less time worrying about making claims & managing remedial works.

Adding value for insurers

Including Shepherd Risk as part of your service provides benefits for you and your clients. By identifying vulnerabilities and monitoring properties 24/7, Shepherd Risk can create a deeper understanding and awareness of the probability of a predefined event happening.

This ability to predict issues can significantly help to reduce risk, prevent or limit losses, improve profitability & strengthen client relationships.


With Kenwood House, we’ve taken a 18th Century building and put it onto the same data level as the Shard. Many heritage buildings rely on their income and anything which can help to protect their assets as well as reduce maintenance and other expenses is very welcome.

Nicholas Hartley
Head of Business Improvement and Innovation, Ecclesiastical Insurance group


Success stories

Case Studies

Using Data to Make Smart Operational Decisions

Titan Storage is using Shepherd to protect people’s belongings, cut costs, and optimise their building’s condition and maintenance.

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Housing Associations protecting assets and reducing health risks

Zurich’s UK Innovation Foundry explore how Shepherd technology can provide opportunities to improve risk management within the social housing sector.

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Raising the bar in prestige property management services

Bold and Reeves partner with Shepherd to take the stress out of owning and managing multiple properties.

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Innovation transforms the risk profile of heritage properties

Ecclesiastical join forces with English Heritage and Shepherd, to install an innovative solution at Kenwood House, reducing insurance risks, and lowering the maintenance and operational costs.

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Embracing tech to improve food manufacturing compliance

Helping monitor environmental conditions to keep food quality high and meet legislative HACCP demands.

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Deli keeps its cool with confidence

Shepherd allows for the early detection of issues that could potentially cause a breakdown and if anything should go wrong, providing great peace of mind.

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Digital technology helping to preserve historic print archive

The Stationers’ Company embrace smart monitoring technology to help protect their archive of important historic documents and books.

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Shepherd’s four solutions transform how you manage your property's performance, enhance sustainability, aid compliance and reduce costs.

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